We make customer engagement beautiful.

Customer appointments on your televisions.

The Leaderboard

A little competition never hurts

Rankings auto-update throughout the day in real-time

Track progress as a team towards targeted sales goals

Toggle between Month-to-date and Week-to-date views

A golf leaderboard-styled display to motivate your sales team

The Gross Board

Who's going to claim victory in your store

Display Manager Front-End and Back-End Gross Numbers in Weekly, Monthly and Year-to-Date views

Select which Managers to include in the user dashboard

Rank the Leaderboard based off of Total Units or Total Gross

When everyone competes, the store wins

The Goals Board

Transparency in numbers - it's all on display

Ranks based off of total sales for the selected monthly or weekly view

Track progress towards cumulative store sales goals

View Progress of Weekly or Monthly Salesperson Goals for Sales, UPs, Demos, Write-ups and TOs

Empower managers to help your team achieve their goals

The Daily Sales Board

Won't it feel good to board your deals?

Buyers at the auction can quickly view today's sales and trade information remotely

Split-deals display both Sales Reps names

Trade-In information adds automatically to the sold record

Create showroom excitement when you lock in your deals

Appointment Board

It's time to put your whiteboards in a closet

Automatically updates in real-time and displays in sequential order.

Color-coded Sales Rep and BDC Agent names for fast reference

Easy to view Year, Make, Model and Stock # info turns every appointment into a VIP customer.

Look professional. Always be ready. Provide a world-class customer experience.

That's the bottomline.

Control the news in your showroom in a whole new way with a bottomline ticker on every television. Advertise your specials to customers or stream a list of today's sales along the bottom ticker display.

Take advantage of your showroom televisions

With Showroom Tracker's myDealerNetwork, you control the message from open to close every day.

  • Convert service drive customers to new sale opportunities

  • Recruit new employees with why work here videos

  • Stop competitor ads from running in your dealership

You are in control. Leverage YouTube to build fully customizable displays to run all day in your store. It's time to turn off the Soap Operas and turn on Showroom Tracker.

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